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Our philosophy reflects the approach to sexual health education embodied in Health Canada’s (2008) Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. The Guidelines are based on the principle that sexual health education should be accessible to all people and that it should be provided in an age appropriate, culturally sensitive manner that is respectful of an individual’s right to make informed choices about sexual and reproductive health. [1]

We believe that sexual health education honours the self-worth and dignity of the individual and does not discriminate against race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethno-cultural background or disability. Education in sexual health needs to be structured so that attitudinal and behavioural changes arise out of informed choice. Effective sexual health education encompasses a lifespan approach, providing information, motivational support and skill-building opportunities that are relevant to people at different ages and stages in their lives. It instils awareness of the impact of one’s own behaviour on others, stressing that sexual health is an interactive process that requires respect for the self and others.

The Parent Portal of the teachingsexualhealth.ca website was created to help you navigate through relevant sections of the website and external websites so that you can find information and learning activities to supplement what is being taught to your child in the classroom.

The Parent Portal contains:

  • Information for you and your children about all aspects of sexuality
  • Information about the normal stages of sexual development for children and teens
  • Tips and strategies for talking comfortably with your child or teen about sexuality
  • Resource lists and links to gather more information

This information is a guideline only, as each child develops and asks questions at his or her own rate. Teachingsexualhealth.ca is an authorized teaching resource by Alberta Education.

More information on the background of this website can be found on  the teacher’s portal.

Choose the information that best fits you and your family values.

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The Resources contain recommendations and activities to promote excellence in teaching sexual health based on the latest research and theory in the area of sexual health education and consultation with teachers, educators, and administrators. Nevertheless, users of this website are encouraged to review all material before presenting it to students to ensure that the resources and approaches complement your school/agency policies/philosophy, and your students unique learning needs. Although reasonable efforts were made to confirm the accuracy of the information contained in the Resources, Alberta Health Services does not make any representation or warranty, express, implied or statutory, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness or applicability of such information. In no event will Alberta Health Services be responsible or liable for any error or consequence arising from the use of the information contained in the Resources.

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